Nutrien Wonderhub

In the spring of 2018, the rebranding project for what was once known as “Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum on the Saskatchewan” was begun. As with most large public entities, a complex series of deliverables were needed to be formulated and carried out.

The Engagement Party helped lead and execute the following deliverables: stakeholder interviews and analysis; findings summary; brand strategy development and documentation; and key messages development and documentation.

The next phase was the visual identity, which included: renaming the institution, developing the tagline, designing the logo, and making the extended visual branding assets such as the colour palette and patterns.

The results of several months effort was a robust and extensive visual identity and graphics program. The purpose for a delivery like this is to ensure that all future projects would be easily customized with these new assets and develop a strong and recognizable marketing platform.

Nutrien Wonderhub –

The project team:
Tim Neal (creative direction)
Calvin Xiao (brand strategy)
David Melashenko (art direction, design)
Jess Reimer (copywriting)