Wicihitowin 2021 – Indigenous Engagement Conference

Despite the second year of covid, the seventh annual Wicihitowin Indigenous Engagement Conference was sold out and played host to a variety of speakers and guest entertainment.

The Engagement Party was responsible once again for all the branding and advertising materials, including the website and most of the pre-recorded keynote speaker presentations and the entertainment segments. This was the second year that we were responsible for the multimedia aspects and planning for the various segments and we came equipped for the various curveballs thrown our way – inclement weather, large groups, acoustics – you name it, we encountered it!

The design for this year’s conference was based on the seventh time this conference has taken place and was tied in with the Indigenous 7 Sacred teachings – Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility, and Truth. These were represented in a key graphic that highlighted the “7” and used it as a frame for the visuals associated with the teachings. The central graphic was then framed with stylized beadwork and a branch and berry motif. We were also able to incorporate a bright and contrasting colour palette that was used throughout the various marketing touchpoints.

The website we had developed for the 5th-edition of the conference was re-skinned with the key graphic and the corresponding branding assets to maintain this year’s aesthetic. The website utilizes a popular content management system so that the client can adjust content accordingly, as well as enables programming the schedule and highlighting the speakers and performers. Integrated ticket buying, a contact form, and an archive of the videos is also included within this online project.

Much like in years past, this edition of the Wicihitowin Indigenous Engagement Conference was a bittersweet mixture of incredible speakers, amazing performances, and heart-wrenching anecdotes by several residential school Survivors.

Wicihitowin Indigenous Engagement Conference