Wanuskewin rebranding

Revising the logo of a Saskatchewan Indigenous National Historic Site of Canada and providing a look towards the future. The Wanuskewin rebranding establishes a modern delivery for an Indigenous heritage site.

In the summer of 2019, Wanuskewin Heritage Park was in the midst of a physical overhaul (expansion of the facilities), as well as a directional overhaul (expansion of their corporate strategy including the ambition of becoming a UNESCO Heritage Site). Wanuskewin turned to The Engagement Party to unify those ambitions into a clear and relevant Visual Brand and deliver on the Wanuskewin rebranding.

By conducting a strategic and visual audit of the current brand, a clear choice was made to incorporate a modern sense to their visual communications. This was achieved through modernizing the logotype and establishing a variety of entry ways to expanding their Visual Identity in the future. Some of the changes included a modernized colour palette, a formalized typographic structure, and the establishment of secondary iconography.

Through the Wanuskewin rebranding project, the visual communications of Wanuskewin are enhanced by establishing a clear and relevant logo, and having a modern platform for establishing an all encompassing branding program in the near future.