Wanuskewin – 30th Anniversary Mural

Wanuskewin was celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary and wanted a way to showcase the history of the facility.

Wading through over thirty years of photos and stories, an overview and story started to reveal itself. Along with researcher and copywriter Stephanie Danyluk the content was pared down into several key stories and images.

The creative concept of the mural was determined to be “time & place” – the time was immemorial and the place was the traditionally sacred place now known as Wanuskewin. The stories and photographs would show the concept clearly yet an overarching graphic style was needed to be developed to bring all the pieces together.

Time was shown using historical and modern visual devices for keeping track of time by all the peoples on the land. These graphics referenced plants, the moon, the stars, calendars, and a clock. These graphics helped with the overwhelming visual by providing large eye-catching elements that allowed a viewer to be intrigued and move in to get a closer look.