The Preparatory

Visual Identity for a First Nations education initiative

The Engagement Party developed the logo, visual identity, and branding for this start-up educational initiative for First Nations students.

The focal point is the pencil icon within the shape of the capitol letter “P” – which alludes to the specific nature of the initiative – drawing! With The Prep being an analogue program (little to no digital component), the visuals are all able to take on a more hand-crafted delivery while also having a corporate delivery for specific business components.

About the initiative:

The Preparatory (THE PREP) will prepare First Nations students for the demands of post-secondary level design and advertising disciplines.

With the focus of the curriculum being based on design thinking – the students will become adept at problem solving and rapid prototyping through the use of simple tools and readily available materials – their learning and development in unfamiliar environments will be accelerated because of this.

The core component of design thinking will be reinforced through critical, analytical, and lateral thinking – allowing for adaptational processes that the students can utilize in whatever profession they endeavor to succeed.


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