Pemiska Indigenous Tourism branding

The First Nation of Beardy’s and Okemasis (BOCN) required an all encompassing branding solution for their new tourism initiative. The Engagement Party, through partnership with BOCN, developed the name and slogan, established the overall brand strategy, and designed the visual identity.

The brand strategy indicated that the cultural tourists are motivated through the desire to find experiences that are off the beaten track. Pemiska is literally translated from Cree as “come and find it” – an open invitation and call for those that seek new experiences. The slogan built off this through the sentiment of the people’s of BOCN and their place in Canada’s beginnings.

The logo has several elements that speak to the visual motifs of the peoples of BOCN. The earliest name for the people in the area is “the Willow Cree” – the two leaves are representative of the red willows found in this area. The Tipi is representative of the traditional housing and the new modern Tipi Lodges that have been made to provide tourists with unique and secure lodging during their stays. The circle elements are indicative of the rising sun and helps promote the duality of land and sky.

The project team:
Tim Neal (creative direction)
Calvin Xiao (brand strategy)
David Melashenko (art direction, design)
Jess Reimer (copywriting)