Meadow Lake Tribal Council Bioenergy Centre Logo Design

The Engagement Party was brought in to help design the Meadow Lake Tribal Council Bioenergy Centre logo. This facility was a first in the province and designing the new logo was an honour.

“The Meadow Lake Tribal Council’s (MLTC) bioenergy plant is a first of its kind green energy biomass project for Saskatchewan, combining environmental improvement with thermal efficiency. The objective of MLTC’s bioenergy project is to generate carbon-neutral green power using sawmill biomass residuals…”

This project was a sub-contract via D.Black Communications for the design services and development of the logo. A major constraint to the project was to ensure the logo maintained a visual aesthetic to existing logos found in the MLTC corporate portfolio of companies.

The design allows for ease of use through a variety of layouts and colour options. With the delivery of a full suite of logo files, The Engagement Party ensured the client would be able to apply the new logo to all the new materials.

See the logo in action here!