Dakota Dunes Resort and Casino

The Whitecap Dakota First Nation has an outstanding tourism offering of a championship golf course and the province’s largest casino – unfortunately their corporate branding was not to the standard of their offerings.

The Engagement Party was brought in to establish a consistent and adaptable visual identity platform that would help clarify the communication issues arising from their previous designs.

A visual audit highlighted the key graphic to base everything off of – the arrowhead – as well as determined the best way forward regarding naming conventions and visual identity. This project had several stakeholders, each wanting their opinions heard and respected, and a detailed and robust identity was developed to encompass all the communication challenges.

Using the arrowhead as the key graphic, a modern typographic system was implemented as well as a uniquely future looking colour palette – utilizing a metallic colour for primary colour. A graphic vehicle was designed in order to ensure the new logos were always identifiable and legible.