Cooperatives First Indigenous Awareness Campaign

A simple request for an “Indigenous Awareness Campaign” turned into a complex discussion and research opportunity regarding pan-Indigenous design and visual sovereignty of First Nations.

The initial step was research – with a deep dive into the cultures of the multitudes of First Nations found throughout Western Canada. This research provided a stepping stone with the design and development of some modernized basic shapes that were inspired by historical motifs as well as how contemporary artisans interpret those in modern visual languages.

The catalogue of shapes were used in a mural graphic that became an abstracted ethnical view of Western Canada, showcasing the various artistic styles of groups of First Nations found in this region.

The project also allowed for copywriting and scriptwriting for the various media channels. Developing a slogan that described the way Cooperatives First works with their clients was a breakthrough for the campaign – enabling the staff to implement the campaign throughout their marketing products and services.