Tourism Saskatoon. They make fun. We have it.

In the winter of 2020, right in the cold heart of the first full “covid winter”, The Engagement Party was asked to produce a feel-good awareness campaign for Tourism Saskatoon.

The theme of “aprés ski” was already finalized in-house at Tourism Saskatoon – playing off the humour of having no alpine skiing but having lots of opportunity to chill and relax (a Saskatoon habit, to be honest!). We were given a long leash and proceeded to establish the scenarios of making every available excuse to Aprés-to-the-max.

We accompanied the TV-spot with a long list of OOH placements around the city – including billboards, transit shelters, and posters.

Our key graphics were based on the various alpine-skiing paraphernalia such as ski patrol badges and big puffy jackets. The choice to have visual emphasis on cold-messy-fun was to reinforce the outdoor aspect and welcome the inevitable snow in the face whilst having fun in the snow.

Project team included: David Melashenko (Art Direction), Jess Reimer (Copywriter), Calvin Xiao (Strategy)